Stories of mill towns and ghost towns.

bullet Aldridge: Sawmill Town Aldridge Had Sad History
bullet BarrelsTexas Sawmills Once Rolled Out Barrel Industry
bullet BessmaySawmill Town Bessmay Gave Its Life To Fire
bullet BronsonSawmill City Bronson Also Had Status as Rail Terminus
bullet BrowndellSawmill Town Now Only Few Old Foundations
bullet Concord: Hardin County Village Thrived On Cotton Trade
bullet DangerousSawmills Deserved Dangerous Reputation
bullet Capt. Daniel GoosAn Early Lake Charles Sawmiller
bullet David R. WingateAn East Texas Captain of Commerce
bullet Dead Sawmill TownsMany Sawmill Towns Died Out In East Texas
bullet East Texas Railroad: Rails Gave Life to Sawmill Towns of Long Ago
bullet Evadale Makes Comeback From Near Ghost Town
bullet First Big SawmillTexas' First 'Big' Sawmill
bullet Fostoria Once Was Prosperous Sawmill Town
bullet Fredonia Rooted In River History
bullet Fuqua Hummed As Sawmill Town in Early 1900s
bullet Huge Sawmill Once Operated West of Lufkin
bullet Jasper Figures In Much Early Texas History
bullet Majestic Trees Towered Over Area In 1850
bullet ManningLumber Town of Manning Once Prospered
bullet Mill ManagerMill manager paid big price by dismissing ‘untouchable’
bullet New BirminghamFirst Iron Smelting Attempt In Texas Ended In Ashes
bullet Olive, Texas is now a ghost town
bullet Olive Ghost TrainThe Legend of the Olive Ghost Train
bullet Salem Townsite Once Produced Lumber Boom
bullet The Sanders-Trotti Tram Company and the Gulf, Sabine and Red River Railroad
bullet Sawmill Boom Reached Zenith During 1880s
bullet Shellbank and Radford, LouisianaTwo Old Ghost Towns of Cameron Parish
bullet Steam Power Led Advances in Sawmilling
bullet Temple made mark on lumber industry
bullet TerryOld Ghost Town Once Was Home To Great Pioneer
bullet Turpentiners worked hard for product
bullet Village Mills hangs tough after heyday
bullet Wiess Bluff:  A Brief History of Wiess Bluff, Texas

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