Recommended Reading

“Redbones of Louisiana” by Don C. Marler

347 p., SC, photos, maps, index, bibliography, endnotes…$25.00

This tragic history covers 200 years of the people who came to be known as the “Redbones” between South Carolina and their resettlement in the Neutral Strip of Louisiana. Sometimes their history is violent as with the Bearhead Creek Massacre of 1887 or the Orange County War of 1856. Although this book does not have all the answers, Mr. Marler’s book is must reading for the interested reader of Redbone history.

My Published Books

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bullet A History of Jefferson County Texas From Wilderness to Reconstruction (Nederland, TX Nederland Publishing. Co., 1976), 129p, HB.
bullet Sapphire City of The Neches: A History Of Port Neches Texas From Wilderness To Industrialization (Austin: Eakin Press, 1987), 456p, HB.
bullet "Schooner Sail to Starboard!" Confederate Blockade-Running on The Louisiana-Texas Coast Lines (Woodville, TX: Dogwood Press, 1997), 280p, SC, ISBN 1-887745-08-4, PB.
bullet Sour Lake, Texas: From Mud Baths to Millionaires (Liberty, TX: Atascosita Historical Society, 1995), 236p, HB. 
bullet East Texas Mill Towns and Ghost Towns Vol. 1 (Lufkin: Best of East Texas Publishers, 1994), 403p, HB, ISBN 1-878096-31-1.
bullet East Texas Mill Towns and Ghost Towns Vol. 2 (Lufkin: Best of East Texas Publishers, 1995), 399p, HB, ISBN 1-878096-35-4.
bullet East Texas Mill Towns and Ghost Towns, Vol. 3 (Lufkin: Best of East Texas Publishers, 1997), 400p, HB, ISBN 1-878096-42-7.
bullet Cotton Bales, Keelboats, and Sternwheelers: A History of The Sabine River and Trinity River Cotton Trades, 1837-1900 (Woodville, TX: Dogwood Press, 1995), 256p, SC, ISBN-9646846-9-1.
bulletCotton Bales (Summary of the Book)
bullet Early Sawmill Towns of The Louisiana-Texas Borderlands (Woodville, TX: Dogwood Press, 1996), 281p, SC, ISBN 1-887745-0303.

My Unpublished Books

bullet Emerald of The Neches: The Chronicles of Beaumont, Texas From Reconstruction To Spindletop (Nederland: 1980), 576p, HB, typescript in several libraries.
bullet Frontier Tales of The Texas-Louisiana Borderlands (Nederland: 1988), 391p, HR, computer printout in several libraries.
bullet The Chronicles of The Early Families of Nederland Texas, Volumes I-V (Nederland, TX: 1992), HP, computer printouts in various libraries

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