My Family

bullet BroomtailI Remember My Brother Broomtail
bullet Will Block, Sr. my father
bullet Sarah Jane Block my mother
bullet Lucky Stiffs: I Remember “The Lucky Stiffs”
bullet Ruhr Area
bullet BootleggingArea’s history of bootlegging soared during Prohibition
bullet SuckersvilleMy dad and I once got stuck in Suckersville
bullet SimmerathChristmas week In Simmerath--the baptism of fire of the 309th Infantry Regiment.
bullet GamblingFoxy advice on gambling serves well
bullet SargeSorry, Sarge, you’ll have to take my heart
bullet Big ToothDemise of Reptilian ‘Big Tooth’ drew crowds
bullet NeedyBringing joy to the needy in Depression was fulfilling
bullet CemeteryBroomtail and I Met the Ku Klux Klan
bullet River Rat BoysA factual occurrence about Will Block Sr., embellished with poetic license, as seen through the eyes of his eleven-year-old son W. T. Block, Jr.
bullet SkunkNo man is an island unless hunted skunk launches scent
bullet Depression was depressing, except brother's paddling
bullet Bootlegging brothers' joy short-lived
bullet Pranks rule 'olden days' celebrations of Halloween
bullet Spooky legend lives on

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