Nederland, Texas

Nederland Windmill MuseumIf one can envision a few tulip sprouts gasping for breath among a vast bed of Texas bluebonnets, then he or she can grasp the dilemma created by two opposing cultures when 1,000 Hollanders were abruptly wrenched from the snug comforts of their homeland and transplanted on a raw Texas prairie in 1898. While this might appear to be a crude and hypothetical comparison, it was indeed quite real for those newcomers who spoke no English and who questioned their ability to compete and survive in a strange land, climate, and environment where "furriners" were not always welcomed.  Continue reading article

Summary of articles about Nederland

bullet Education: A History of Nederland Education and the Nederland Independent School District
bullet Alanson BursonFather of Nederland, Texas
bullet Een kachel op de prairie: Familie uit Hoogkarspel in 1897 aan de wieg van stadje Nederland in Texas
bullet A. J. Elings: Some Notes on the Adrian Johan Elings Family
bulletDutch Translation
bullet Rice FarmingRice Still Dominates Jefferson County Agriculture
bullet CowMud, cow led to sale of refinery acreage
bullet Dairy Farm’s end stopped wonder bra for milk cows
bullet Tulip Transplants to East Texas: The Dutch Migration to Nederland, Texas
bullet City TreeHurricanes decimated Nederland ‘city tree’
bullet Smith & Grigsby's BluffTwo German Immigrant Communities of Jefferson County, Texas, 1850-1880
bullet "Didja Knows" About Nederland, Texas
bullet As I RememberNederland As I Remember It, 1935-1960.
bullet Early DayAddressing Members of Nederland Rotary Club.
bullet Past CenturyNederland during the past century.
bullet Diamond Jubileeby Mrs. Marie Rienstra Fleming.
bullet CentennialReprinted from Beaumont ENTERPRISE, November 9, 1980, p. 11-B.
bullet FamiliesSeveral Nederland families have published their memoirs here.

Historical Photo

Boston Avenue in 1903 The photo at the left was taken in 1903 and is looking East down Boston Avenue.  Click on the image to see the full size photograph.

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