bullet Rev. Vitalus QuinonEarly Catholic Church Builder of Southeast Texas
bullet CatholicThe Progress of  the Roman Catholic Church in the Golden Triangle to 1988
bullet JudaismA Brief History of The Early Beaumont Jewish Community
bullet Saint CharlesA Brief History of Saint Charles Borromeo Catholic Church of Nederland
bullet Holy CrossThe History of Holy Cross Lutheran Church of Nederland
bullet TrinityPort Arthur's Trinity Lutheran Church Nearly a Century Old
bullet Golden TriangleThe History and Progress of the Lutheran Churches in the Golden Triangle, 1897--1988
bullet Methodist: Methodism Came to Port Neches in 1881.
bullet First United: The History of the First United Methodist Church of Nederland
bullet First Baptist: The Heritage of the First Baptist Church of Nederland, Texas, 1907-1990


bullet The Pauline Letter
bullet Father IvanMy Hero

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