bullet Yellow feverYellow fever plagued area during 1860s
bullet War with USU. S., Republic of Texas once nearly clashed because of fees
bullet McGaffeySome Notes on the Pioneer McGaffey Families of Sabine Pass, Texas
bullet Civil WarSabine Pass in the Civil War
bullet HistorySome Early History of Sabine Pass, Texas: President Sam Houston's Sabine City Company
bullet Fort Manhassett: A Forgotten Chapter in the History of Sabine Pass, Texas
bullet ManhassettFort Manhassett Disgorges Huge Treasure of Artifacts
bullet Albert Miller Lea: A Towering East Texas Pioneer--A Biographical Sketch
bullet Dick Dowling: The Beginning of Dick Dowling as a Rebel Fighter
bullet J. H. GarnerA Jefferson County Militiaman of the Texas Revolution--Jacob Harmon Garner
bullet Address to members of Jacob Garner's descendents and members of Jefferson County Historical Commission
bullet 'Uncle Joe' Chasteen Was Sabine's Walking History Book
bullet Slave Trade: Sabine Lake: Focal Point of the Illegal African Slave Trade
bullet Moby Dick: When Moby Dick Came to Port Arthur: 200,000 Visitors Saw Whale
bullet Oil Pond: Sabine Pass' Famed "Oil Pond:" It Saved Ships, but Snared Whales
bullet Peter StockholmCaptain Peter D. Stockholm: A Pioneer Sabine River Steamboatman
bullet Two CannonsThe Tale of Two Old Cannons: Sabine History Written in Gunsmoke
bullet Captain K. D. KeithConfederate Hero and Sabine Pass Pioneer
bullet Dr. Niles SmithTorch Bearer, Town Builder and Bank Examiner of the Texas Wilderness
bullet Address to members of Jefferson County Historical Commission, Port Arthur Historical Society, and descendents of Dr. Niles F. Smith
bullet Battle of Sabine PassIts Causes and Effects
bullet BlockadeSabine Pass and Galveston were Successful Blockade-Running Ports
bullet Gunboat DanThe Sinking of the United States Gunboat "Dan"
bullet Sabine LakeScene of Slaving, Smuggling, Steamboating, Civil War and Border Conflict, Hurricanes, and Cotton and Lumber Commerce, 1777-1900
bullet LighthouseThe Skirmish at Sabine Lighthouse: Gray Stone Sentinel of the Louisiana Swamps
bullet AlligatorvilleA Tale of Sabine Pas: "Call Us 'Alligatorville' If You Will"
bullet Catherine Magill DormanConfederate Heroine of Sabine Pass
bullet A Eulogy to Catherine Magill Dorman (1828-1897)
bullet State Historical Marker to Commemorate Scrappy Kate Dorman
bullet Headless Yankee Cannoneer of Sabine Pass
bullet William F. McClanahanPioneer Publisher of Sabine Pass, Texas

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